Frequently Asked Questions

Please take some time to review the frequently asked questions below. 
If there is a question you have, that does not appear on this list, please ask it via our contact box at the bottom of the page. 
There is no such thing as a silly question, just those silly enough not to ask it.


What tour do you recommend for me?

E-Scooter Tours New Zealand offer a range of guided tours to suit you and your e-scooter riding skills & confidence. 


Simply put;

If you want an easy & relaxed introduction to Auckland or E-Scooter riding = Waterfront Cruise

You want to go further, see more, ride more, and achieve an awesome adventure = Sea To Summit

Your adventure levels know no boundary. You want the very best = Coast To Coast

What should I bring?

  • Enclosed foot wear.

  • Comfortable, unrestrictive clothing.

  • A warm jacket/windbreaker in case of weather changes/cold breeze.

  • Any food or water you feel you may want along the way.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Identification for any waiver acknowledgement. 

  • Your booking confirmation. 

  • Energy & excitement for a great time. 

What weather can I expect?

If you've heard how Auckland can have 4 seasons in a day, then you heard correct.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable and unrestrictive. We also recommend a windbreaker as winds can come up and racing along on scooters can make that wind chill ever cooler. 

There's no rhyme or reason somedays, but we prepare for it all and have fun no matter what. 

That being said, if it is unsafe to commence the tour due to the weather, you will be alerted ASAP and a refund will be supplied. 

What if I get hungry or thirsty?

We encourage and appreciate you having filled your tummies prior to the tour commencing and brining any small snacks and fluids along with you. There are drinking fountains and bottle refill stations along the way for your reusable bottle. 
The tours are focused on where we go and what we see, with only a small amount of time allocated for a break at one of Auckland's highest peaks. 
If food is your thing, ask your guide where they recommend to visit post trip, and they will point you in the right direction whether you're chasing taste, atmosphere, or scenery.

OK, so these scooters, they look powerful...

The Inokim OX really is an amazing form of transport. They have been chosen for their quality components including disc brakes, front & rear suspension, and their immense power. Simply put, they're the only scooters that can handle the distance and gradient you will experience on our tours. 

A general level of confidence and fitness is required, however we take some initial time to learn how to ride safely in a nice fun environment. Having fun and staying safe is our number one priority.

Please note: The e-scooters used by us have a maximum rider weight of 120kg. 

What kind of trails do we go on?

Auckland is a built up city with over 2 million people. There is a growing network of cycle lanes and the tour incorporates these as much as possible. The rest is on quiet roads and foot paths. 
We remain courteous to other road and pathway users, by keeping left in the lane, remaining close together and taking our time. Again, having fun whilst being safe, thats the way to enjoy our tours. 
Depending on the tour you chose, there's some hill climbs, some steep descents, and navigating through a busy city. The tours have been designed to minimise any discomfort, however we are here for an adventure right!?

What's your stance on joining a tour after a long lunch or champagne breakfast?

We are a professional tour operator and wish to be treated like one. If we believe you to be under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance that would affect your own safety, the safety of our guide, other participants, or the general public, then you will be refused the privilege of joining the tour. You will not receive a refund for any money paid, and won't be allowed a turn on our awesome e-scooters. There are plenty of bars and restaurants for post tour celebrations. Save it for then.

Can we simply show up? Must we book?

All tours are pre-booked due to Council licensing and start/finish location of tour. E-Scooter Tours New Zealand doesn't have a main address with all tours meeting in Z Pier Car Park, in Westhaven Marina. This is a public car park and exact location within this car park may change day-to-day. Look out for the friendly guide with an obscene amount of E-Scooters!


Your Guide - Thornton

Thornton is bringing a new approach to local tourism. Combining a degree in Ecology, Biodiversity & Marine Biology with careers in the Marine, and Transport industries, to his knowledge of electric transportation through Tesla Motors inception in New Zealand, Thornton is the only one with the knowledge and experience to make E-Scooter Tours New Zealand a reality. An Auckland local, with a focus on service, along with Red Cross Comprehensive First Aid certification, be confident in Thornton's ability to keep you safe, welcomed, and informed throughout your time with E-Scooter Tours New Zealand.


We Understand You May Have More Questions.
Please send them to us.

Tours: We meet in the Z Pier Carpark located at 92 Westhaven Drive, St Marys Bay. 

This is a public carpark, and although our exact location within can vary day to day, we always endeavour to be as close to the main vehicle entrance as possible. 

Hire: Collections from our residential address at 14 Sheehan Street, Ponsonby. 

+64 21 0299 0460