Weight: 33.5 kg I 73.85 lb
Top Speed: 25 km/h I 15 mph
Battery: 60V 25.6 A/h (LG)
Motor: (Rated power) 2x1000W brushless gearless motor
(Peak power) 2x1300W brushless gearless motor
Charge Time: 13.5 H
Top Range: (Eco mode) 110 km I 68 miles
(Full speed mode) 100 km I 62 miles
Road Lights: Integral car led lights
Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Tires: CST 10*2.5 tires + CST 10*2.0 tube
Max Load: 120 kg I 264.5 lb
Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy
LCD Display: LCD display with functions and illumination