Staying Safe, Having Fun.

E-Scooter Tours New Zealand are committed to ensuring you are taken care of throughout your time with us. 

Before tour commencement, we dedicate time to making sure you are comfortable and capable with the equipment we provide. Once the group has learnt the correct riding procedure, safe e-scooter operation and learnt a little more about the route ahead, and everyone is feeling confident and can display this to your guide, you'll set off together, as a team ready to explore the sights that wait ahead. 

The scooters used are amazing vehicles with the power needed to move us effortlessly.

All scooters used by tour participants are factory limited to a maximum powered speed of 25kph. With the ability to limit speed even more, on the fly, through the E-Scooters clever computer system. This keeps everyone in a controllable speed range, and allows you to cruise along at a comfortable pace to soak in the surrounding environment. 

The tours have been designed to incorporate cycle ways, and shared paths with only the smallest amount of road riding necessary. If you are confident and pay attention to your surroundings you will be safe. 

Please note, we reserve the right to modify the tour route for the safety of you, us, our equipment and the public.


We Understand You May Have More Questions.
Please send them to us.

Tours: We meet in the Z Pier Carpark located at 92 Westhaven Drive, St Marys Bay. 

This is a public carpark, and although our exact location within can vary day to day, we always endeavour to be as close to the main vehicle entrance as possible. 

Hire: Collections from our residential address at 14 Sheehan Street, Ponsonby. 

+64 21 0299 0460